#47 The Too Fit Guys

"Make sure you’re giving yourself the best opportunity to become your potential.”

- Jake Huddelston, The Moment HQ podcast


My guests today are The Too Fit guys, Jake and Joshua from TooFit.com

They met in a bar (true story) and the rest is history. But in all seriousness, Jake and Joshua’s story begins with an endless pursuit to find and properly fuel their active lifestyles with products that would better their performance. But nothing met their standards. So post years of research, self study, and experimentation, they felt it was their duty to bring trust, transparency, quality, and efficacy to an industry that is seemingly void of it.

They’re the creators of the all natural, sugar free, gluten and chemical free Moxie natural pre-workout and Rally post workout. Let’s find out their life changing story.

Learn About:
What a ‘TooFit’ lifestyle is and what it looks like for Jake and Josh.
Learn about the process of creating your products?
Hear some of the war stories from their product development journey.
Their concerns about supplement stores and the industry.
What does a clean lifestyle mean to them?
What’s in the works for the Too Fit brand?

The Moment HQ Signature Questions:
What’s they believe is their greatest asset?
What career would they each like to attempt if they weren’t in this one?
If they could have a super power what would it be?
The best piece of wisdom their parents gave them?