Andy Lark Podcast

“The pressure we put on ourselves to be the next Zuckerberg or whatever is just ridiculous. How about being the next happy person.”

- Andy Lark

Andy Lark is a globally awarded marketer, futurist and leader in social and digital technologies. For the past two decades, Andy has worked alongside CEOs and their leadership teams to define - and then attain - digital and brand greatness for their institutions. Some of these include Commbank, IBM, Air New Zealand and Xero amongst many more.

In this conversation we delve into what Andy’s driving force is behind what he does. We discover how he fosters creativity in his life and he leaves us with some greater food for thought behind the ideas of “success”, “innovation” and some of his greatest lessons in business.

Learn About:
The best way to consume information, read effectively and learn.
How to eead broadly with a system, study and connect with people that challenge you.
What drives his curiosity?
One of Andy’s greatest lessons he’s learned throughout his career about business and life?
His take on what innovation means - a real gem!
And how you can adopt play in your workplace.

Don’t miss the SIGNATURE question.
What career Andy would like to attempt if he wasn’t in this one.

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