Ant Williams, Wired for Wonder

“I used to believe that we are at our happiest when we are content and really comfortable, but that’s not really true. The greatest moment of happiness when we set a significant goal for ourselves; one that has a purpose in our lives and we overcome that challenge. That will always revolve around us sitting in discomfort and dealing with our fears.”

- Ant Williams

Ant Williams is a freediver who can hold his breath for eight minutes underwater using just one breath and no tanks. He can dive 100 metres down, into the ocean and safely return to the surface.

What’s really cool about this is Ant didn’t even begin freediving until he was 30. Ant was working as a Sport Psychologist coaching big wave surfers, race car drivers, rock climbers and other risk takers how to break through mental barriers when he realised, he hadn’t done anything risky in his life himself – an epiphany that led to freediving and overcoming the struggle to equalise the body while it is under extreme pressure.

Facing fear, challenging boundaries and exploring our human potential is what our conversation with Ant is about. He takes us under his wing and shares with us the world of freediving, what it is and the realities that accompany this extreme sport.

Plus, he shares some great tips to help us all reframe our thinking in our moments of great challenge. These simple steps can be adopted into your life right now, and you don’t have to be in the sports industry for them to be relevant.

Ant is a big advocate of learning about oneself through adventure. Join us as we discuss self-awareness, conquering our inner critic and learning to be comfortable with the unknown.

So take a deep breath and enjoy the ride of our discussion, which will leave you (hopefully) ready to jump all in to discover your true human potential.