Aodhan Docherty, What it takes to land a dream

“For me getting a good job, in a good practice, was a big thing. As I’m sure it applies to every other profession. You can get a job, but it is a really good job where you’re fulfilled and making a difference?”

- Aodhan Docherty, The Moment HQ podcast

Dr Aodhan Dockerty. He is a dentist who practices at About Smiles Dental in Sydney's Northshore and Eastern Suburbs. Having graduated from The University of Sydney with a Bachelor of Medical Science and Graduate Degree in Dentistry with Honours. Aodhan enjoys the challenges associated with rejuvenating aged, damaged and worn smiles. 

However, it wasn’t all easy for him to get to where he is today, and what I loved about his Life Changing Moment, was that it was something that many of us experience: juggling study and work to achieve his dream.

Aodhan and I have a chat about his Life Changing Moment:
What it took to achieve his dream career.

We discuss overcoming tough times, keeping the end goal in focus and the importance of having a strong social and family network available.

Learn about:
The journey and effort Aodhan put into his study at school 
The initiatives he put in place at University, for inspiration, practice and graduating
How he managed the stress of part time work and study
Why he believe physical activity is also important to support you through high stress and challenging moments
What kept him going when he wanted to quit 

The Moment HQ Signature Questions:
What moves him?
What Aodhan believes is his greatest asset?
What career he'd like to attempt if he wasn't in this one?