Ash & Mike, Founders of Gather & Feast

“It’s about loving and valuing yourself, making time for yourself and
putting into your self. Once you’ve got yourself right you can go then
go out and help and serve others.”

- Mike Alexander, The Moment HQ podcast

Ashley and Mike are a husband and wife duo and they run the website Gather and FeastTheir website was created to share with you wholesome and nutritious recipes, using natural ingredients and fresh in-season produce like smoky fish tacos, vanilla buckwheat waffles, smoky chilli spaghetti and spelt chocolate fondant cakes.

If you jump on their website your mouth will begin to water as you scroll through their recipes - and wait till you see their Instagram account. Impeccable styling and presentation backed by authenticity and sheer love for what they do!

I have to say another interview that makes the pick of my favourite interviews. Ash, Mike and I had such a blast with this conversation and it was so lovely to connect with people who truly have a deep love for what they do and have the biggest intention to touch other’s lives.

“We have a heart for helping people create special
moments in their homes.”

These are two inspiring souls making their mark on the world and their support and dedication to one another is just beautiful to witness. You can tell they are in this for the long haul and to make a deep mark on the world and you can tell because of their willingness to move moment by moment and remember “it’s a marathon and not a sprint.” Their passion is like wildfire!


Learn about:
The Gather & Feast Journey
The creation process 
The behind the scenes of their food presentation and styling of their amazing Instagram
Their advice for start ups 
The truth about start up biz and how to get through it
What little secret Ash kept from Mike until their honeymoon

The Moment HQ Signature Question time
Find out:
What moves Ash & Mike?
What they believe to be their greatest asset?
What they are scared of?
What else they’d be doing if they weren’t in their profession?
The best piece of advice they’ve been given.