Ben Lee, Wired for Wonder

“Struggles come everyday. I try to be in them with presence and intensity and a willingness to learn.” - Ben Lee

Ben Lee is a musical artist who began releasing albums at 14 years old with his punk band, Noise Addict at the height of the underground music revolution of 1992. 

He released his first acoustic solo album at 16 years old and has continued a solo career for over a quarter of a decade and has won multiple ARIA awards.

Over the last 15 years his music has become increasingly focussed on his spiritual path and the awakening of consciousness. He has used the pop song format to experiment and to continually find new ways to carry spiritual messages into mainstream culture through song.

This a beautiful conversation about the depth of life and being actively involved in it. Life is about what you choose to bring to it. It’s also how you respond to what challenges life throws at you. 

“Happiness is walking towards the truth. 
As long as I’m actively engaged, I’m happy.” - Ben Lee

Go beyond the narrow paradigms and remain curious, question things, surpass your perceived boundaries and follow your passion - whatever that is for you.

A truly eye opening conversation and something to inspire your creativity and desire to keep learning.