Catriona Pollard, Founder CP Communications

“I think so often we get caught up in this idea around, I can’t do it, I’m not good enough yet, I don’t know enough yet. I think we need to start thinking about these words: Yes and no and choose to have a life where we put ourselves in situations where we say yes!” 

- Catriona Pollard, The Moment HQ podcast

Catriona Pollard is a speaker, Author of From Unknown to Expert and also the founder and director of CP Communications—one of Australia’s most respected and innovative PR and social media agencies. She works with world-leading brands as well as up-and coming organisations. She is passionate about social media, public relations, business and bringing them all together to create real, financial success for entrepreneurs and organisations. 

She’s got an interesting story where she started out being a very shy and introverted person yet decided to challenge herself and push past these ideas and labels to become a professional speaker at TEDx, amongst other notable organisations.

While she may have felt ashamed in the beginning of being an introverted person, she realised in fact it was a gift. Catriona came to realise that her shyness and being introverted allowed her assess situations very quickly compared to the extroverts, use intuition more effectively and support others in rising into stepping out of their shell to have a voice.

Through soul searching and asking herself the deeper questions as to who she wanted to be and how she wanted to be in the world, she has created her own path of success.

“It’s not what we get out of the world, it’s what we give the world.
I think that’s a very beautiful place to live.”

Catriona and I have a chat about HAVING A VOICE & THE POWER OF YES

Learn about:
The positive side to being introverted
How you have a choice to say, Yes or No in each moment
Standing in the spotlight authentically
Why not everything needs to be a career

The Moment HQ Signature Question time
Find out:
What moves Catriona?
What she believes is her greatest asset?
What she’s scared of?
What else she’d be doing if she wasn’t in her profession?
The best piece of advice Catriona’s been given.