Christina Cavaco, Launching Cork leaf (sustainable yoga mats)

“I just enjoy the process and don’t rush anything.
It’s exciting and scary all at the same time.”

- Christina Cavaco, The Moment HQ podcast

Cork leaf is the the first Australian company making natural yoga mats, which are made from natural and recycled cork, backed with natural tree rubber. 

The eco-friendly yoga mats are biodegradable and completely sustainable, meaning they can be safely returned to the earth after use – unlike conventional yoga mats, which are too often packed with synthetic plastics and chemicals.

Christina Cavaco is the woman behind CORK LEAF  and it’s the company she dreamed up while living abroad in Portugal. 

Christina and I have a chat about her Life Changing Moment:
The Birth of Cork Leaf

We go behind the scenes of what launching this eco-friendly and sustainable initiative has comprised of. Christina very candidly shares her journey from the idea, through to the every day happenings at Cork Lead. It’s a refreshing interview that reminds us, all good things take time and we must learn to enjoy the process. The journey is the fun part!

Learn about:
Find out the beautiful love story that Cork Leaf began with.
Hear Christina share how she started the business.
Why she's passionate about what she's doing.
The realities of business.
How simple sustainability really is.
Hear her share the real and authentic insights and wisdom from the journey so far.

The Moment HQ Signature Questions:
What moves her?
What career she’d like to attempt if she wasn’t doing this?
What the best piece of wisdom she’s been passed on is?