Day #18 Tiny Leap Series - Are you open to infinite possibilities?

Day 18 of 100

I started feeling frustrated because I didn't feel like I had anything to say for today's recording and I didn't want to just record something based on what I think might be interesting to listen to.

No. Because this isn't about teaching; it's sharing what I too am learning on this daily adventure. I wanted to be moved as I have been with each recording prior. I wanted whatever insight that were to come; to come from the moment.

And, in fact, this recording turned out to be a beautiful reminder for myself, to trust that all is revealed in the moment we are open and ready to receive the message.

This message is about possibilities and how often we limit ourselves from doing what we love and being who we love, and why?

Thanks for joining me again on this adventure and may this insight be the firestarter that ignites your courage to live out your dreams.

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