Dr Catriona Wallace, Wired for Wonder

“I’m super interested in the evolution of the world, humanity and especially where we’re going in regards to technology.”

- Dr Catriona Wallace

Joining me today is Dr Catriona Wallace. She is the Founder and CEO of Flamingo, a company which provides an Intelligent Guided Selling platform for Financial Services companies.

And she has also founded three other businesses – Fifth Quadrant, ACA Research and the women’s co-working space, The Ventura. And if that wasn’t totally rockin’ already, she also has a PhD in Organisational Behavior: Human Technology Interaction, and is a well published author and Analyst.

In our conversation Catriona and I chat about her secret to juggling travel, kids and multiple businesses. She shares how she fosters a creative environment for her children and what drew her towards the tech industry.

Find out what sparks her creativity and what she is logical or operates on gut instinct in business.
Catriona also offers up how you can synergise creativity with logical business practice.

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