Dr. Fiona Kerr podcast

“When we’re always tasking, we’re forcing our brain down rabbit holes. The brain’s amazing when you just let it go and allow it to bring an answer to you.” - Dr Fiona Kerr

Joining me today is Dr Fiona Kerr, who is a prominent thought leader in the fields of social cognitive neuroscience (SCN) and human connectivity.

Fiona is also a Systems and Neural Complexity Specialist at Adelaide University, plus a public speaker and consultant on a range of social cognitive neuroscience areas and neuroethics.

In this conversation, you’ll hear Fiona talk about the nature of our brains and how we can change it. She reminds us of the brain's flexibility, how it naturally prunes parts that it doesn’t need and what it keeps and the role our body plays in reading the world.

Hear her explain how our in-depth knowledge develops and how we become experts in our particular fields because of our brain functionality. Plus, discover how memory and emotion connect to the way we learning.

We also discuss some tips that can help you manage challenging moments and emotions; and what to do when they strike out.