Dr. Jordan Nguyen Podcast

“She said to me, “What happens if it doesn’t work?” I told her, “Well, the world isn’t going to end.”

- Dr Jordan Nguyen

Dr Jordan Nguyen is on a mission to improve the lives of as many people as possible. By re-imagining and re-defining the boundaries between human and technological evolution, Jordan is at the forefront of bringing about positive, sustainable and life-altering change.

An internationally renowned engineer for humanity, Jordan designs life-changing technologies that are intelligent, futuristic and inclusive, and many of these are made to transform the lives of people with disability.

His career somewhat started due to a personal accident where he dived into a pool and almost broke his neck. In this conversation, Jordan shares this moment in time and we discuss how this event shaped who he is today.

Learn About:
The thoughts that were going through his mind during this time.
How the accident changed his perspective on life.
What has him continually pushing the envelope and challenging what’s possible?
Why he chose disability and technology for his vocation?
How to make the impossible happen?
The fine line between testing the market and following your dream?

Don’t miss our Signature Questions:
What he believes is his greatest asset?
What he’s afraid of?
What super-power he’d love to have and why?