Ep 89. [Health] What You Need to Know About the Body You Want

In Episode 89 of Pep Talks for Your Soul, I talk about some things you ought to consider before you chase after 'that' body you want.

I think every woman on the planet is susceptible to feeling shame or discontent in her skin. After all we live in a world that's telling us how we 'should' be and how we 'should' look. 

Let's get real for a minute...the 'perfect body' is not what you actually want and even if you do attain it, unless you've stopped to reflect on what's driving you to aspire to such a body, it ain't going to change how you feel. You're still going to feel the same. Take it from someone who's subjected her body to eating disorders, gruelling workouts and insane ways of eating, living and being.

Until I realised, I needed to address what lay beneath.

In this short episode I share a few highlights that'll support you to stop running on the mental treadmill and move towards a more peaceful way of being.

You can have the body you love, but that's not necessarily the body you think you want. 

The body you love is the body you feel good and alive in. It's the body that allows you to be your best in all areas of your life.

Enjoy this Pep Talk and leave me a comment on Instagram @MonicaKade if you found it valuable.