Ep93. Ghazaleh Lowe, Bringing What's Unconscious To The Forefront

“…The energy of your star sign impacts you on so many different levels that if you read it and go, ‘I don’t get it?’, you’re so far away from yourself.

—Ep93. Ghazaleh Lowe, The Monica Kade Podcast


Welcome to Episode 93. Bringing What's Unconscious to The Forefront on The Monica Kade Podcast.

My guest is Ghazaleh Lowe who is a facilitator and the writer behind the much loved Intuitive Horoscopes for Bondi Guru. Ghazaleh has 20 years facilitation experience behind her and has been writing the Intuitive Horoscopes for 11 years. 

The name may sound familiar, and if it does, it’s because she’s been a guest on the podcast previously—so if you haven’t checked out Episode 76, take listen

However, today we’re going to dive into how she does what she does when it comes to writing the Intuitive Horoscopes. We’ll chat on how the intuitive horoscopes are written, how they can support you and why you ought to subscribe to both the Daily Intuitive Horoscopes and the Monthly Star Sign Coaching Audios. 

I also feel to mention, these horoscopes are NOT based on astrology. So whether you’re a die-hard fan of traditional horoscopes or they’ve never been your thing—the Intuitive Horoscopes are something you will have never seen before. 

Listen to our conversation and take advantage of Ghaz’s special offer for the month of May!


What You’ll Learn

- What Ghazaleh does and how she does it
- How the daily horoscopes are written for each star sign
- The way the daily or monthly message moves through Ghazaleh
- What are the daily intuitive horoscopes based on
- How can they support you navigate your life
- The way Ghazaleh encourages you to read your intuitive horoscope
- What separates the intuitive horoscopes from traditional horoscopes
- The number one standout piece of feedback Ghazaleh receives from the Bondi Guru community about the intuitive horoscopes
- The impact she’s focused on creating through the intuitive horoscopes

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