Ep94. Is Love Free: The Love Experiment with Amir Zoghi

"I realised, I'm comfortable. I'm too comfortable. I'm comfortable in my lifestyle, in my self...For me, life is experienced outside of your comfort zone...This Love Experiment has put me outside my comfort zone."

- Amir Zoghi, Ep94. The Monica Kade Podcast

In Episode 94 of The Monica Kade Podcast I sit down with International Speaker, Coach and Aerobatic Pilot, Amir Zoghi.

On the 1st May, 2019 he released his $6,600.00 signature coaching program: OMG (Oneness Mentoring Group) to the world, for free! A program that brings in 80% of his income. Why? 

Because over the past 19 years he's been subjected to people's comments saying, "If it's about Love, then shouldn't it be free? Why are you charging people for your program?" Then on the flipside he's had individuals saying, "I love your content and your work, but I'm not going to do your program because you're not charging for it. You don't value yourself. It shouldn't be free". 

Feeling like he couldn't win, he decided to do an experiment purely for himself, which is now running as THE LOVE EXPERIMENT. And he's going through his own process around the question, IS LOVE FREE?

Listen in to our conversation where we talk on who he is, why he's doing this and what's the experience been like so far.


You'll Learn About

Who is Amir Zoghi and what does he do?
What is The Love Experiment?
Why Amir is running The Love Experiment
Why he didn’t release the OMG program 6 months ago when he first felt the feeling
What his inner process was around following this feeling
Why it’s imperative to follow what we feel regardless of circumstances or how it will impact others
The response from his audience and the wider community so far
Amir's personal insights from the experience to date





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