Gen George, Founder of Oneshift

“You have the shittest days, where you just want to climb under your desk and hug that bottle of wine! Then you have amazing days, where six months of blood, sweat and tears pay off.”

- Gen George, The Moment HQ podcast

Gen George a young woman who is the founder of OneShift. OneShift is the most popular online platform that matches people with jobs Australia wide; this can be anything from one-off shifts, casual work or permanent employment.

In 2012 Gen launched OneShift on the back of a free blog, some posters, duck tape and an iPad. Today Oneshift has over 670,000 users and 39,000 businesses across the whole of Australia. 

Gen is heavily involved in the start-up and business community in Australia, and she is a very inspiring young woman out there doing her thing.

The Moment HQ talks to Gen George about her Life Changing Moment: Being Open and fearless in pursuit of her dreams.

Gen has a humility that is rare to come across. She mixes this with her light-hearted nature and comedic flair as she recounts her life and business experience up until now. I love her transparency.

Gen serves her experience much like a solid martini - straight up with two olives - there’s no BS. Regardless of how successful she may be in business, the playing field is equal when you sit down to chat. With her knowledge and warm welcoming attitude, it’s no wonder opportunities and people flock to her. 

“It takes courage to change.”

Her greatest business venture started with a desire to solve a problem, not to change the world and inevitably with that approach she is changing the world. 

It’s inspiring to see what this young woman has achieved and where she’s set her sights - A woman to watch!


Learn about:
Learn about her life changing moment
What growing up in her family was like
How she began Oneshift
Her values and views around the start-up world
What dream Gen has in the pipeline

And Find out:
What moves Gen?
What Gen is scared of?
What she believes is her greatest asset?
The best piece of advice she’s been given?