George Hedon, Founder Pause Fest

“There’s a point in time when things are going to go right but before then, you don’t have ground beneath your feet and you’re in a space where you’re just hanging. It’s scary but exciting as well.”

- George Hedon, The Moment HQ podcast George

Hedon who is the founder and creative director of Australia's premier creative tech festival Pause Fest. Pause Fest aspires to bring together a new generation of thinkers, creators and technological minds to encourage collaboration, innovation and a sense of community.

His expertise in design, advertising, festival and events lead him to create award-winning campaigns for Heineken, Target, Sony PS and Pause. Under his creative lead, Pause Fest has attracted major brands, agencies, corporate, local government and he's hosted 155 international and local thought leaders supporting, the growth of Australian born startups and enterprises.

The Moment HQ talks to George about his Life Changing Moment: Following his desire to create Pause Fest.

He’s driven by the passion to be creative and express that creativity in many ways: dj’ing, painting and bringing together people in a “mish-mash” known as Pause Fest.

George openly shares his fears and struggles along his journey to creating what is now a popular and growing tech festival. But it’s been a challenging 6 years. Even now he has worries around whether people are going to show up?!

“I have to say that nothing in my world has come easy. Anything that I’ve wanted to get I had to fight for. Even from the beginning I had co-founders that said, ‘How are we going to do this we have no money’ and I said,
I don’t care I want to do it.”


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Hear about the behind the scenes in making Pause Fest
Creating something out of nothing
How he manages his stress
Hear him share his fears and struggles around creating Pause 

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