Georgia Van Tiel, Co-founder of Bodypass

“Think outside the box. Life’s short, it doesn’t have to be the norm.” 

- Georgia Van Tiel, The Moment HQ podcast 

Georgia van Tiel is one of the co founders of Bodypass, with Carla McMillan being the second. These girls bonded over  a love of fitness, healthy food and crazy pants. 

Both are fitness experts with Georgia being an exercise scientist while Carla is a yoga teacher and healthy chef. So what’s Bodypass? It’s an online platform that gives you access to unlimited fitness classes and outdoor activities. You can do boxing, swimming, barre, martial arts, outdoor fitness groups and more, which is pretty good if you’re an active little body and like to change things up.

The Moment HQ talks to Georgia about her Life Changing Moment: COMMITMENT TO BUILDING A DREAM: BODYPASS 

Georgia is an absolute delight. Her energy is warm, her personality bubbly and light. She’s the kind of girl you meet and feel you’ve known each other a while.

She gives us an honest look into what it has taken her and Carla to grow Bodypass into what it is today.

“It’s a lot of hard work and a lot of belief that your business can make it.
It’s a lot of stressful night and four seasons in on day.
One minute it’s [the business] is going to make it and literally in the next five minutes, it’s not.”


Learn about:
Hear how the idea for Bodypass came to fruition
What Georgia’s future looked like before Bodypass came along
The journey to building Bodypass’ success
The importance of health 
Work/Life Integration

Signature Questions
What moves Georgia?
What she believes is her greatest asset?
The best piece of advice she’s been given?