Gill Hicks, Wired for Wonder

“Someone somewhere is feeling the effects of something you have said or done, and this is a great responsibility.”

- Gill Hicks

Today we’re chatting with Gill Hicks. The founder of not for profit organisation, M.A.D. For Peace and consultancy, M.A.D. MINDS. Gill was severely and permanently injured in the London bombings of 2005, losing both of her legs just below the knee. She is determined to do all she can to deter anyone from following a path of violent action and believes everyone can make a personal difference to create a confident global community and a sustainable peace. 

I had the pleasure of spending quite a large part of my time at Wired for Wonder with Gill, and I feel very privileged to introduce her to you today.

In this conversation Gill shares why it’s so important that we all share our stories of growth and why we must take responsibility for the words we speak into existence - both good and bad.

We also discuss Gill’s greatest lesson going through her life changing experience. Plus you’ll hear what role her beautiful daughter, Amelie plays in her life to spark wonder and creativity.

A very grounded and heart-filled talk. Be sure to listen.