Jack Delosa, The Entourage

“I think we have a world that views success through a materialistic lens, rather than doing something great and something that you love - and by great I mean something that’s of importance to you.” 

- Jack Delosa, The Monica Kade Podcast

Jack Delosa is the founder of Australia’s largest education institution for entrepreneurs, which has a community of 300,000 members.

Jack’s vision is to improve traditional education by introducing a style of learning that puts the individual first. His latest book, ‘Unwritten. Reinvent tomorrow’ outlines the unconventional wisdom he’s become known for, to living a life on purpose and making the world a better place.

The Moment HQ talks to Jack about his Life Changing Moment:

“When you’ve had some earth-shaking experiences in your world it enables you connect with other humans on a much deeper level.”

Jack will be the first to tell you that there’s so much value to challenge and adversity. For the first 4-5 years of Tom’s passing Jack had business failure and this experience has left him with a “permanent sense of humility”. Going through such pain has also allowed him to become a better leader.

Take a listen while Jack and I have a chat about STAYING OPEN, HONOURING WHAT YOU FEEL AND LIVING YOUR LEGACY.

Learn about:
How Jack views entrepreneurship
What he went through in losing his brother

How Jack managed and approached grief and loss
Overcoming adversity
What living your legacy actually means
Bringing dreams to life

Signature Questions:

What moves Jack?

What scares him?

What he believes is his greatest asset?

The best piece of advice he’s been given?