Jenna McCarthy, Author & TED Talks Speaker

“...When you get yourself into these situations, you drink a lot of wine, and you say, I’m just going to do the best I can do.
I’m going to get out of my comfort zone. Who cares?! It’s 500 people in the audience, if I humiliate myself, if I trip…they’ll have a good laugh, and it will be water under the bridge; and my life will go on.”

- Jenna McCarthy, The Moment HQ podcast

Meet Author, speaker, relationship expert Jenna McCarthy. Jenna has authored more than a dozen funny books for kids and adults, as well as being a popular keynote speaker at events across the United States. In fact her TED talk was what became a key life changing moment.

I had the pleasure of first connecting and interviewing Jenna 2012, and later wrote a review for her book, which said: She's witty, intelligent and downright funny without trying.  Today,  I can say…this still stands!

Listen to our very humourous conversation as we discuss writing, children, and her TED talk.

Jenna and I have a chat about her Life Changing Moment:

Learn about:
How she landed a TED talk
What it really felt like to go out there and give a TED talk
What she loved about the experience
The difference between writing and speaking
The real truth as to why Jenna stared writing children’s books

And find out:
What’s Jenna’s vice?
What’s her greatest love?
What career Jenna would like to attempt?
The best piece of wisdom she’s been given.

Watch her TED talk below.