Leonard Brody Podcast

“The path to freedom is paved with being very clear about what it is you
need and what are the things you want to
have a deep positive choice capability around.”

- Leonard Brody, The Moment HQ Podcast

Joining me today is Leonard Brody was called “a controversial leader of the new world order”. He is an award-winning entrepreneur, venture capitalist, best-selling author and a two-time Emmy nominated media visionary. He has helped in raising millions of dollars for startup companies, been through one of the largest internet IPOs in history and has been involved in the building, financing and/or sale of five companies to date.

This was such a pleasant conversation. Leonard is truly down-to-earth and transparent in sharing his life story. Something which, I find to be a stand out quality amongst those I get to interview.

“When something is either bad or stressful, you need to ask yourself, is it "Auschwitz bad"? And if it isn’t Auschwitz bad; don’t worry about it.”

Hear about his upbringing and what his greatest dream was as a kid.
What his biggest learning has been on the entrepreneurial path.
What inspires him most about what he does.
What his suggestion is for fostering freedom in your life.
Why he sees having a therapist as taking mental vitamins.
How he manages high-stress situations.
What he does to get through the “off” days.

What he’d like to attempt for a career if he wasn’t in his.
What does Leonard like to do for fun?
What he believes is his greatest asset?
What he’s afraid of?