Lisa Messenger, Collective Hub

“I know I can say unwaveringly, without a shadow of a doubt in every single cell of my body, until the day I die, I will be an entrepreneur for entrepreneurs living my life out loud showing that anything is possible. Now the way that I deliver that is completely irrelevant and that’s when business becomes exciting  - and indeed life!”

- Lisa Messenger, The Monica Kade Podcast

This is my favourite quote from my interview with Lisa Messenger, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Collective Hub, a lifestyle magazine now sold in 37 countries. I love this quote so dearly because it purely illustrates that our purpose in life is not about “what” we do, it’s simply about connecting to what we love and expressing that love in many different ways. The “how” is irrelevant. 

Creativity doesn’t care how it is expressed, only your mind does. So why not open yourself up to life and allow creativity to be expressed however it chooses. You are merely the vessel for self expression, you do not need to direct it, it will direct you if you let it.

I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing Lisa a handful of times throughout the years. The first time in 2011, much before she founded Collective Hub and again when I was the editor for Aspire and My Business magazines. And to tell the truth, in my experience of her, she has remained as sweet, humble and generous as she was before the global success of Collective Hub.

I’ve admired Lisa’s gun-ho attitude towards following her dreams and taking action, all while truly persevering through all obstacles and challenges presented to her - and if you’ve read her books (Daring & Disruptive, Life & Love, Money & Mindfulness or Breakups & Breakthroughs) you too will know that life has dished up a fair serve to test her will.

If you haven’t read her books, or aren’t completely familiar with the journey and rise of Collective Hub, let me tell you now…In order to achieve the success you may dream of (whatever and however that looks for you), there is no “quick-fix” or “magic elixir”. You’ve got to do the work and that “work” will manifest itself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually to truly test your will.

If you really want it, pull on your rain boots and jump ALL IN and take it moment-by-moment.

It may sound daunting hearing this, but when you’re doing what is true for you and following the feeling in your heart, the journey will be effortless. You will come across challenges for sure, yet amongst the challenges will remain a deep seated peace and a desire that spurs you onward in each moment.


Learn about:
What to do when you want to give up
Finding the authentic voice for your brand
How much gut instinct played a role in building Collective Hub
What purpose really looks like

And find out:
What moves Lisa? 
What scares her? 
What she’d be doing if she wasn’t in her profession?

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