Lucy Perry, Wired for Wonder

"Creativity is being allowed to come up with different ideas to take fabulous ideas from one industry and make them work in other. Creativity is letting your kids wear whatever they like. Creativity is having a pink mohawk and not caring." - Lucy Perry

Lucy Perry is an award-winning leader, a rule breaker and an exceptional communicator. After running a creative services firm for 20 years Lucy decided to use her skillset to change the world. She was the founding CEO and director of a new international women’s health charity, and now  she’s the CEO of Sunrise Cambodia, which is a world-class charity working on the ground in Cambodia to give much-needed help to at-risk kids, struggling families and poor communities in some of the most poverty-stricken provinces of the country.

In this conversation Lucy Perry and I talk about the twists and turns of life and that sometimes the “setback” or the “unexpected moments” put us on the right path.

This talk is a beautiful reminder that we are all creative and have the capacity to express ourselves however we choose to. She shows us that maintaining a keen sense of curiosity for the world around us enables us to live a rich life and have experiences that are beyond what we can imagine.

Plus, hear her explain why regardless of geographic location, we’re all very similar. She shares candidly on the attitudes of the families and children she’s met and come across in Cambodia.