Lynn Gribble, Anything is possible

"I think we become more resilient the more difficulties we face."

 - Lynn Gribble, The Moment HQ podcast

Lynn Gribble is the founder of Talking Trends a consultancy specialising in doing business differently. In business, it is easy to get stuck in your own ways of doing things.
Talking Trends focuses on new and emerging ways of creating solutions that fit your business and your people.

Lynn’s Life Changing Moment is a collection of events. These began earlier in life when she lost her dream job at 29 and was left in a really tough position, to when she got her PhD and later became a mum.

In this conversation Lynn and I chat about how she bounced back from her losses. How she got through the tough moments and also how she navigates life on a day-to-day basis.

Learn About:
How did she respond to her loss?
What it felt like losing something she loved?
What got her through the tough moments?
Where the inspiration to jump into a PhD (later in life) came from?
How these life-changing moments have shaped her into the person, she is today?

Signature Questions:
What moves Lynn?
If she weren’t in her career what would she like to attempt?
If she had a superpower what would it be and why?
One of the best pieces of wisdom she’s been given?