Made with Raw Love Chocolate, Tahlia Mynott

“I think it’s important to let go of relationships in your life to make space for the relationships that need to be there.”

- Tahlia Mynott, The Moment HQ podcast

She's got a calming presence, a heart full of gold and intelligence to match. Meet Tahlia Mynott, a wholistic nutritionist with a keen interest in plant based eating. She is one of the co-founders of Made with Raw Love chocolate. A sugar free, organic and vegan brand. She and her partner Scott Turner, launched the brand on New Year’s Eve, 2013 at Tribe, a raw cacao party in Melbourne. In fact, The beginning of Made With Raw Love is a love story all in itself.

While Tahlia has had many life changing moments, the one that stands out for her is the realisation around how we become like the 5 top people we hang around, which leads the story back to where she is today.


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Let’s dive in and hear more about this raw and real love story.

Learn about:
The love story behind Made with Raw Love chocolates
What inspired Tahlia to study nutrition
What her family life was like growing up as a kid
What her favourite Made with Raw Love chocolate flavour currently is
How the people around her supported a healthy new way of living
What a typical day in the life of Tahlia unfolds
Why is this chocolate is actually really good for your brain, gut and tastebuds
What inspires the flavours
Learn what erythritol and luo han guo is and why it’s excellent for the body

The Moment HQ Signature Questions:
What moves Tahlia?
What career she would like to attempt if she wasn't in this one?
What scares her?
The greatest piece of wisdom she's been given?

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