Mandi Ford, Wired for Wonder

“I really look forward to Wired for Wonder and seeing the enjoyment in people’s faces in all of the activations and elements of surprise.”

- Mandi Ford

Mandi Ford is the Director of Essential Solutions and ES Lifestyle.
Mandi has extensive work experience in sales, marketing and event management. She specialises in working with clients on strategic business conferences and events, corporate hospitality and strategic business events to build grow and sustain their business profile.

As the Project Manager for Wired for Wonder, Mandi works directly with Sarah Roocroft, the Creative Director of Wired for Wonder to deliver an awe inspiring experience that will change the lives of attendees in how they practice in work and play.

Listen as Mandi shares the ins and outs of working with the Wired for Wonder team and how they collaborate to create this eye-opening event.

We discuss the sheer passion and love that goes into the conference, why engagement is always at the forefront of their minds and why Wired for Wonder is unlike any conference out there.

Be inspired by one of the people that make your favourite event come to life.