Mandi Gunsberger, Wired for Wonder

“I think it’s just really weird that people don’t interact anymore, we’re all so digital these days. I think engaging with other humans is so important, and you often find out things you never knew existed in the world if you weren’t talking to someone doing your nails or someone in a lift.”

- Mandi Gunsberger

We’re chatting with Mandi Gunsberger. The Founder and Managing Editor of Babyology, Australia’s largest digital media company for parents.

In this conversation, Mandi opens up and talks on how she fosters curiosity and creativity in her daily life.

She also shares her tips for those who are more introverted on how to connect with strangers or step into situations that are outside of our comfort zones.

We discuss boundaries, the value of sleep and why it’s relevant to our levels of creativity; and why you’ll be better in business when you honour bedtime.

And for the parents out there, you’ll hear about some fun ways to foster creativity in your children’s lives.