Matt Edmonds + Matt Zeremes

“Quite often when I take my attention off something, the back part of my brain will find a solution for me without me having to pursue and chase it.”
- Guy Edmonds

With over two decades of combined experience in the entertainment industry, Guy Edmonds and Matt Zeremes are internationally acclaimed actors, producers, directors, writers and inspirational coaches who also run a production company Boomshaka Film.

As filmmakers and actors, they understand how people communicate and what makes them tick; by drawing on actor training methods, proven storytelling techniques and even some film history. Guy and Matt provide an entertaining, practical and engaging experience, with learnings that can be implemented immediately.

This conversation will hopefully have you laughing at the candid and humorous nature of both Guy and Matt. After I gave them notes to speak in past tense (as the recording was being released after the event)...well, let's just say that was an #EPICFAIL.

Regardless, this soundbite takes you behind the scenes to witness what “going with the flow” looks like and how to adapt to your environment without losing your mind or calling cut.

They share with us how they foster their own creativity daily and what keeps them wondering.

You’ll hear how acting techniques and methods can be adopted and utilised in business (and life) - even if you’re not an actor.

“We talk a lot about rehearsal, practice and preparation to give you the ability to come across confident, with your communication skills firing while appearing at ease and engaging people.”

- Matt Zeremes

You’ll also learn how they teach those they work with to “be” more confident and charismatic.

These gents are a hoot, and if you missed them at Wired for Wonder, let them brighten your day now.

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