Michelle Lackenby, Wired for Wonder

“Being an only child you had to learn to do things on your own and be creative on your own. I’ve always been encouraged as a child to make things and not be afraid to try new things.” - Michelle Lackenby

Michelle Lackenby is a lecturer in advertising, graphic design, art and photography as well as a paper artist, having established her own business, Paperazzi Design Studio. Michelle has a passion for all things paper and isn’t afraid to push the boundaries of art and design within the realm of paper arts and bookbinding.

With over 20 years’ industry experience in creative fields, Michelle specialises in artist services, design and workshops, and enjoys collaborating with other artists on installations, exhibitions and campaigns.

We chat about creativity, curiosity and exploring the boundaries of your current life.

Michelle shares some tips for those who don’t feel they are creative, yet are yearning to explore that facet of themselves. She believes “everybody’s creative, but we just express it differently.”

So if you’ve been feeling creatively stifled, do no fear. Use this soundbite as inspiration to go on out into the world to explore some of the things that you’ve always wanted to try.

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