Mick Danby, Singer-Songwriter

“You should listen to your heart and I know everyone says that but really, only 2% out of 100 would actually go out and follow their heart.”

- Michael Danby The Moment HQ podcast

Life works in mysterious ways, and the way it connects people is part of that mysticism. My connection with Michael Danby goes back to 2007, when I first interviewed him for my online magazine, Mink. Through the wonderful world of social media, our paths reconnected and it was fun to get back in touch and see the progress he’s made in the last 9 years - almost a decade. Crazy.

So meet, Michael Danby, a singer/songwriter who resides and performs music on the Gold Coast and Brisbane areas. 

He has spent the last sixteen years playing in bands ranging from rock and punk to popular acoustic covers. In 2007 Michael joined the group ‘Rokeby Venus' and has since been involved with two professional releases, two Australian tours, and has performed at many other credible events around Australia. 

Also around this time Michael started branching into a solo career and also runs ‘Mick Danby Entertainment’, a business providing entertainment services.

His life changing moment goes all the way back to the day he the first track Rokeby Venus received Airplay. I’m sure it was a moment of great happiness, as he witnessed the beginning of his dreams coming true.

Mick and I have a chat about his Life Changing Moment:
The day his music career really started.

Learn about:
What it takes to pursue your dream
The moment he heard his song/band on the radio
What the music journey’s been like for him
His advice to aspiring musicians
His thoughts on social media
What to do if you don’t have a support squad

The Moment HQ Signature Questions:
What he believes is his greatest asset?
What he’s afraid of?
The greatest piece of wisdom he’s been given?

His new album Portico is out now! Check it out on SpotifySoundcloud and iTunes.  
You can follow him on InstagramFacebook, and his website Mick Danby Music.