Monica Rosenfeld, Wired for Wonder

“You can’t only be engrossed in your work or business or else you become a really flat person without any creative ideas.” - Monica Rosenfeld

Monica Rosenfeld started her career in journalism, working as a producer at Channel 9’s A Current Affair (ACA). Monica learnt how NOT to do PR during her time at ACA, because she felt that the countless brands and PR people who approached her did not understand what she needed – a newsworthy hook! She started up her own boutique agency, WordStorm PR, to give the media what she knew first-hand they were thirsty for.

Sixteen years on, the WordStorm PR team has worked with hundreds of entrepreneurial-driven businesses in the consumer and lifestyle space and knows how to use PR to increase clients’ bottom line.

Our stories are essential when it comes to pitching to media. In order to have a story that’s newsworthy, you need a really great hook! Monica let’s you in on some of the pitching secrets. We discuss effective storytelling, pitching to media, fine-tuning your story and fostering creativity. And Monica shares some really fun brainstorming activities to help you break out of the box and shake up your creative mind.

Whether you have a publicist or not, Monica gives some great tips that you can adopt in your life (and business) right now. Be open, discover, keep learning and you will find your path forward.