Nat Kringoudis, Acupuncturist, Fertility Expert & Author

“You know the saying it takes a village to raise a child? Well, no, it takes a village to be a human being. We need call on the love and
support of others in our community.” 

- Nat Kringoudis, The Moment HQ podcast

In a world of quick fixes, Nat Kringoudis has the intention to remind her clients to “focus on just one thing” for optimum health.

Nat Kringoudis is a doctor in Chinese medicine, acupuncturist, author, speaker and all-round natural fertility expert. 

She is also the founder of Melbourne women’s health clinic, The Pagoda Tree, and producer of HealthTalks TV. But what does she really do? Nat makes women’s hormones happier than a Pharrell Williams song!

Her mission is to educate and empower women to get clued up on their bodies and take control of their hormone health.

After getting past her initial resistance to pursuing her career she was able to get comfortable with her role and now if you ask her about her job, she’ll tell you, “I get to have fun every day!”

During our conversation, I loved Nat’s approach to tackling any kind of challenge: Be curious. Rather than adopting a fearful approach, she encourages curiosity. The beauty of curiosity is that it’s an open approach. When we come from an open space it allows for opportunities, solutions and remedies to become available.

Remember it’s only in the moment that life can bring you change and you are solely responsible in bringing about any kind of change you desire. When we remain in a fearful and closed state we manifest more of the same and place immense limitation on what is.

“We can create our own reality. I think the more that we can get comfortable and explore that idea and the more that we see it, the more we look for it and the more we find it.”

Nat and I have a chat about HEALTHY LIVING, CURIOSITY + FEAR.

Learn about:
What drove her down her path of work
Her guiding principle to health and wellbeing
The importance of support
Fear and moving past it
Acceptance and resistance

And find out:
What moves Nat?
What she believe is his greatest asset?
What scares her?
The best piece of advice she’s been given.



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