Nathan Chan, Foundr Mag Publisher & Editor

“You do have options; you are not locked in for life.
Life is short, you should do something you love.”

- Nathan Chan, The Moment HQ podcast

Nathan Chan is the Editor and Publisher of Foundr. In 2013 with nothing but a laptop computer and a fistful of dollars, Foundr began dedicated to the mission of helping entrepreneurs build and grow a successful business. And That mission is unchanged.

Today Foundr is a multi-faceted digital media business spreading the love of entrepreneurship through its podcast, digital magazine, training platform and brand.

This is a great interview for anyone who is looking for inspiration and some simple guidance around launching their online business - or simply wanting to make the leap from a 9-5 day job to their dream life. 

With so many platforms and “noise” out there telling you what to do, who to follow and how to act, Nathan reminds us of how to cut through it all: “If you’re going to become an entrepreneurial brand that not only promotes entrepreneurship but educates people, you want to make sure your content is awesome and helps people and gives them actionable, strategical, tactical based stuff.”

Education is the best way to create and support any kind of change. When we are educating people, we allow them to take control and stand in their own power. It’s like the Chinese proverb goes, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

Without education we are simply telling people what to do and how to live, which goes back to being in a system and that doesn’t inspire people to be more. 

Everyone has their own dreams and power and everyone needs support and guidance at different times on their journey, so when your mind is informed and your heart full with passion, you can then take inspired action!

“It’s important for me to show people there’s another way.” 

Nathan and I have a chat about GOING AFTER WHAT YOU WANT + BUILDING FOUNDR.

Learn about:
The very beginnings from idea to launch of Foundr
Taking the first step
Fear and moving past it
The most important thing in business
Breaking out of the “box; the system"

And find out:
What moves Nathan?
What he believe is his greatest asset?
What scares him?
What he’d be doing if he wasn’t in his profession?
The best piece of advice he’s been given.


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