Nick Bell, Founder of WME & Entrepreneur

“Just don’t give up. Push through the pain in the first 12-24months and if the idea's good and you’re working your ass off, the rewards will come;
they always do.”

- Nick Bell, The Monica Kade Podcast


Aside from starting his career selling his packed lunch in high school, (which funded his way first overseas trip to London after graduating yr12), Nick Bell has played the role of a hotel porter, professional golfer, recruiter; he’s had many roles in the hospitality industry, launched his own skincare company and now he runs Australia's largest digital marketing agency, WME. Nick started WME with his last $400 and has turned it into a 45 million dollar global company.

This interview will have you laughing at the crazy entrepreneurial spirit Nick has had embedded in him since he was a young boy.

While Nick may not have had his ideal career set in mind, he did know he wanted to get out of country Victoria, see the world and have rich experiences. This interview captures his determination and true desire to really go after whatever he sets his mind to.

Today, after many efforts of trial and error, Nick has found his flow (which still remains quite fluid being an entrepreneur) and regardless of how great his business success is today, he remains
down to earth.

If you don’t know what direction you want to go in and if you’re worried that you’ve been walking in many different circles, Nick offers up some sound advice for you.


Learn about:
How your various career paths can lead you to your ‘thing’
Where pressure comes from
The best way to run your start up
If gut instinct is relevant in business
Why you should appreciate money when you have it (and when you don’t)

And find out:
What moves Nick?
What he’s is scared of?
What he believes his greatest asset is
The best piece of advice for business (and life)


“Keep business simple. There’s no need overcomplicate the situation.”