Nick Lavidge, Founder of Alley

 “It takes that ‘Oh whoa’ to make you look at your life to see 
if you’re living it like you want to be living it.”

- Nick Lavidge, The Moment HQ podcast

Nick Lavidge is the founder of Alley. Alley is one of Australia’s fastest growing startups, which combines big data with predictive intelligence to find, acquire and retain the best customers for online retailer brands throughout the world.

Nick has a degree in entrepreneurship and finance from USC Marshall School of Business and  has successfully driven triple digit revenue growth in Fortune 500 companies all over the globe. Companies he’s worked with include Oakley, 2XU and the Kardashian Kollection.

At 20 years old Nick was diagnosed with Melanoma - luckily it was caught early. The experience still got him to stop and check in with himself to see if he was living life how he wanted to. It made him appreciate the moment more and come to terms with the fact we only have a limited time here on earth.

Nick and I have a chat about his Life Changing Moment:

Learn about:
How and when he got diagnosed with Melanoma
How being diagnosed changed his life
What his new outlook on life was like after this moment
How this experience has shaped him as an entrepreneur
How he juggles marriage and entrepreneurship
The beginnings of his start up Alley

And find out:
What moves Nick?
What Nick is scared of?
The best piece of advice he’s been given?