p96. Be Intentional About Your Dream Building with Andronica Klaas, OWLAG Series

"Failure is not a bad thing...In the process of dreaming and living out your dream, you are going to come across roadblocks. But understanding at that moment that 'hey, this is a lesson' take a step back and figure out what that lesson is so you don't have to encounter it later in the future."

- Andronica Klaas, Ep96. The Monica Kade Podcast

Welcome to Ep96. You Have to Have An Intention For Your Dream with Andronica Klaas, the second alumni graduate from my Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy Series (OWLAG).

There are some people you meet in life with that you instantly bond with. Andronica was one of these. Our conversation dived deep, fast. It was her open nature and willingness to share such intimate details of her upbringing that really moved me. I feel so grateful that I was able to be a witness of her story, and to now share this conversation with you.

While I won't share all the details with you hear, some background on Andronica begins with her growing up in South Africa, and since graduating from the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls, she has attained a BSc in Computer Science Information Systems from Johnson C. Smith University in May of 2017.  

Today she works at the Bank of America, N.A and is also a mentor for women in technology. As a member of the employee engagement committee and a volunteer for the Ignite with Tech program, she reviews resumes for potential student employees while providing them with mock interviews.

Andronica has also been invited by the bank to share her journey at the “Inspire – Women who Tech” enrichment event for female freshman and sophomore students interested in pursuing roles in Technology.

Engaging with the youth and inspiring proactiveness in solving civic engagement issues in their surrounding communities is close to her heart, and she does this through her workshops. She has worked with organisations such as EmpowerHERment, Camp LeadUp and InTech. 


Her childhood and life before OWLAG
What made her realise she wanted to apply to OWLAG
How it felt to be accepted out of over 100 girls
What doors OWLAG has opened for Andronica
What she enjoyed most from her time at OWLAG
How her role as Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) White House Initiative Ambassador came about and what this experience involved
Her involvement in STEMites leadership and tech summer camp
What was the most significant thing she learned about herself from her time at OWLAG
Her life philosophy, ‘To whom much is given much is expected’, what this means and how she’s living this
What she’d like listeners to know about chasing their dreams
How she’d like to impact the world

Signature Questions

Sunset or sunrise, and why?

What are you afraid of?

What’s the greatest piece of wisdom you’ve been given that you live by?