Rahaf Harfoush Podcast

“Life is about being present and mindful and enjoying every moment.”

- Rahaf Harfoush

Meet Rahaf Harfoush. She is a strategist, digital anthropologist and best-selling author who focuses on disruptive technology, innovation and digital culture. She is the founder of Red Thread Inc., a think tank and consulting agency on digital trends.

In this conversation, we jump back in time to when Rahaf was a little girl. She shares who she was then, what her dreams were and what remains the same.

Learn About:
What Rahaf wanted to be when she grew up.
How creativity was fostered in her home as a child.
What hooked her in regards to digital anthropology.
What changes she’d like to see in the world in regards to technology and humanity.
What Rahaf does to switch off from technology.
What was like being part of Obama’s digital team during the 2008 Presidential elections.
Some juicy snippets about her upcoming book Hustle and Float: Balancing Execution and Inspiration in the World of Constant Connection.

Don’t miss our SIGNATURE questions.
What she believes is her greatest asset?
What Rahaf is afraid of?
If she had a superpower what would it be and why?

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