Rochelle Gance, Overcoming an Eating Disorder

“True health and wellness is mind and body.”

-Rochelle Gance, The Moment HQ podcast


Rochelle Gance is an Eating Psychology and Holistic Health Coach. She teaches a practice called Flow which is a fusion of Tai Chi and QiGong.

From about 12 years old Rochelle had a poor connection to food and her body. Her father innocently mentioned she’d get fat if she ate sweets. A common line many of us have heard growing up. Sadly for Rochelle, she embodied this phrase and soon after started her journey into anorexia.

Listen to Rochelle and I have a chat about her Life Changing Moment: Overcoming Anorexia + Orthorexia.

There's a lot of information about diets, nutrition, and fitness out there, yet for many, they forget about the mind component. See we could be doing all the "right" things, i.e eating right, exercising, but if our mind is not in the right place, we won't make any progress. Listen as Rochelle and I discuss nutrition, loving yourself and fostering a healthy body image. 

Learn about:
How she found herself going down the path of an eating disorder
How she learned to love herself 
The importance of compassion
The idea of not being “good enough”
How health is not just nutrition and exercise, but also the mind

The Moment HQ Signature Questions:
What Rochelle believes is her greatest asset?
What she’s is afraid of?
The greatest piece of wisdom she’s been given.