Ryan Hassan, Overcoming Drug Addiction

“When you’re stuck in your head, the more you think about what the solution is, the further you get away from the solution.”

- Ryan Hassan, The Moment HQ podcast


Ryan Hassen grew up in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. After some tough times in 2014 Ryan fell victim to drug addiction. He was using Ice & GHB every day and dealing to support his habit. He got into trouble with the law and faced many internal battles. Then in august 2015, a chance encounter with an old acquaintance changed everything.

In February 2016, Ryan Co-Founded The Melbourne Centre of Healing, an Addiction & Mental Health centre.

Now Ryan works with people everyday, helping them escape the prison he found himself in.

Ryan and I have a chat about his Life Changing Moment:
Overcoming a Drug Addiction.

In our conversation we discuss overcoming tough times, navigating the challenging moments and the importance of expressing yourself.

Learn about:
How Ryan got into drugs
Why he began using and dealing drugs
The moment it all turned around
Listen to him share his road to recovery
Find out how he turned his life around 
What message and support he’s spreading in the world today through his clinic

The Moment HQ Signature Questions:
What he believes is his greatest asset?
What Ryan is scared of?
The greatest piece of wisdom he’s been given.