Ryan Trainor, What's important in life

“The mistakes aren’t the finale, they’re just markers on the journey
for you to make different decisions.”

- Ryan Trainor, The Moment HQ podcast


Ryan Trainor's story is a series of life changing events, starting from selling his business, Franklyn Scholar, selling his family home, while dealing with his father's terminal illness and soon after discovering his 3 year old daughter, Nella, was diagnosed with cancer.

Ryan is the Founder and Managing Director of Republica Education, a group of schools focussing on fuelling the creative economy and challenging traditional education models. Republica schools include Tractor Design School, Beauty EDU, BSchool, Mercer School of Interior Design and CG Spectrum College of Digital Arts & Animation. 

He also founded Franklyn Scholar and was Ernst & Young ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ in 2010.

What I love most about our interview and Ryan in general, is his humility and down to earth nature. He’s not one that’s ever seemed to get too big for his boots. He’s got a willingness to help those around him and be the best person he can be. These attributes combined with his gun-ho work ethic, it’s no surprise he continues to create a life he loves.

“A lot of people don’t dive into what they want to do in life because there’s this facade of perfection.
The realities of business are like getting into traffic. It’s like being on your L’s,
you’ve got to get into traffic to learn.”

Learn about:
What it’s like being a successful entrepreneur at a young age
The truth about the entrepreneurial journey
The difference between the "highlights" and the realities of business
Selling his family home to make it work in business
Having a father who was dying from cancer
The journey through his 3 year old daughter, Nella’s cancer diagnosis 
Is business an overnight success?

The Moment HQ Signature Questions:
What moves him?
What Ryan believes is his greatest asset?
What he's afraid of?
What’s the greatest piece of wisdom he’s been given?