Sarah Lajeunesse, Lifestyle & Wellness Coach

I think in our modern society, we are so focused on working towards a successful career, so it’s go, go go!
And if you’re not willing to do it, there are plenty of people that will do it for you.

- Sarah Lajeunesse, The Moment HQ podcast

Sarah Lajeunesse is a lifestyle and wellness coach, based in Canada. She’s committed to helping overwhelmed and overworked women create a life full of vibrancy, power, passion and purpose. 

Before her blossoming coaching career, she worked in sports management which was a dream of hers. She found herself always waiting for the “next big thing” to make her fulfilled. It was only when she suffered from anxiety attacks for 6-8 months before a severe anxiety attack, forced her to reevaluate her life.

Listen to our conversation as we discuss self-care, dreams and overcoming anxiety, depression and fear.

“I’m afraid of waking up one day at the end of my life feeling like I didn’t live out my full potential.”

Sarah and I have a chat about her Life Changing Moment:

Learn about:
How she overcame anxiety
How we sacrifice health for money and career
How to manage your health and career
What self-care looks like
Why career isn’t the “True indicator of success.”
How we can be happier and healthier every day

Signature The Moment HQ questions:
What moves Sarah?

What she believes is her greatest asset?

What scares her?
The best piece of wisdom she’s been given.