Sarah Roocroft, Wired for Wonder

"I want to win at my life; at MY life.
I’m not playing a game against anyone else.
This is mine. I’m not comparing myself against anyone else.
I just want to win my game of life."

- Sarah Roocroft, The Moment HQ

Meet the woman who is the driving force behind Wired for Wonder, Sarah Roocroft. Sarah is co-founder of Wired for Wonder; a proud innovation by Commbank. 

This is an eye opening event dreamed up to create a space for innovative thinking. The event brings together storytellers, inventors, dreamers, artists, musicians, technologists, writers and scientists – to learn, connect and explore the concept of wonder.

She also owns a baby shoe company called Sienna baby.

Sarah is wired to connect; obsessed with innovation and curious about all things, the weirder the better and she’s also a mother of two.

Sarah + I have a conversation about her Life Changing Moment: 
The joys of falling in love, being a mum and being in business.

Her energy is infectious and her passion for life and fostering creativity will leave you yearning to do more than just exist.

Her journey of love
The realities of being a mother
Juggling children and work
Flexible Working models
Creating change in your workplace for the flexible working conditions you want
Technology, work and the human brain
Why we need to be courageous in our lives

What moves Sarah?
What career she’d like to attempt if she wasn’t in hers?
What she believes is her greatest asset?
What the greatest piece of wisdom she’s been passed down is.

And be sure to check out Wired for Wonder... a video from 2015.