Sonia McDonald, Leadership HQ & Author

“I think we get into this vortex and think, oh my gosh I have so much on my plate and I’m so busy. I think that’s my role as a leader to send out a message that says, I’m here. I’m present. I’m not “busy”, I’m just hardworking.”

- Sonia McDonald, The Moment HQ podcast


Sonia McDonald is the CEO of LeadershipHQ. She is a thought leader, dynamic speaker, entrepreneur and writer who has over 25 years’ human resource management and organisational development experience. She’s also just published a new book, Leadership Attitude: How mindset and attitude can change your world.

Her journey to leadership was one that she never expected to take. She gave up her corporate career to follow her husband to China where he was posted. After finding herself abandoned in a foreign country, left as a single mother, she was forced to rebuild her life and become the strong, independent role model for her daughter.

Listen to our conversation as we discuss the challenges that come with rebuilding our lives, career opportunities and being leaders of our own lives.

Sonia and I have a chat about her Life Changing Moment:
Reinventing herself after unexpectedly becoming a single mother.

Learn about:
How Sonia picked herself up and moved forward with life 
How Leadership HQ was born
The difference between busy and hardworking
What’s does a day in the life of Sonia look like?

And find out:
What she loves most?
What Sonia believes is her greatest asset?
What career she’d like to attempt if she wasn’t in this one?
The best piece of wisdom she’s been given.