Tanya Streeter, Freediver & TV Personality

 “I would work hard at taking that energy that in that moment was called fear and just turn it into strength. Just deciding that you can either let this eat you up, or you can take it - it’s just got one label on it - and turn it into something else.”

- Tanya Streeter, The Monica Kade Podcast

Tanya Streeter is is a British-Caymanian-American world champion freediver who holds the Woman’s World Record for No Limits Apnea for a 160m dive (on one breathe, with no breathing aparatus).

This interview makes it into my personal collection of favourite interviews I’ve ever done. It’s a beautiful insight into our selves, our immense power and our capacity to go beyond the limitations of the mind.

My path crossed with Tanya’s due to my dad’s recent work in directing the latest documentary film: Momentum Freediving, which Tanya is a part of. A film bringing together 16 of the world’s elite freedivers for the first time ever. This is a film that has the power to truly bring the beauty and magic of freediving to the world and makes you question your boundaries.

I went on to watch Tanya’s story via the documentary below and was amazed and intrigued by the power, strength and mindset of this woman.

In this interview we capture her intimate journey of self discovery with freediving and explore the inner workings of her mind and how she pushed herself to achieve greatness.

“I went on that journey to see what I was made of and for better or worse I found out what I was made of. And I can’t ignore it now. It doesn’t always make itself evident to me, but I know it’s there.”


Learn about:
Her journey of self discovery with freediving
Redefining limits: what it means and how you can too
The physical, mental and spiritual aspects of training
The importance of presence
Fear and overcoming it

And find out:
What moves her?
What she believe is her greatest asset?
What she’d be doing if he wasn’t in his profession?
The best piece of advice she’s been given.

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