Taryn Williams, Wink Models & The Right.Fit

"Place your health first. All other things can't happen if you're not in a
strong place mentally and physically.” 

- Taryn Williams, The Monica Kade Podcast

Taryn Williams runs Wink Models and has done so successfully for the past 9 years (and she’s only 30). She’s also just launched her new disruptive tech venture theright.fit. It's quite common at the moment to hear about entrepreneurs coming out of the woodwork and rustling up the feathers within age-old industries, but how often do you find an entrepreneur that’s disturbing the peace within not only their own industry, but also their own business?!

Theright.fit, is bridging the gap between client and creative and dissolving the traditional role of an agent or agency - and Taryn runs her own agency. Catch 22, right? But Taryn sees it as exciting and looks at the glass half full over half empty. 

She sees this new platform for photographers, brands, influencers, models and other creatives as an opportunity for people to take their personal brand and career into their own hands. And because of this, more people in the creative industries are given the opportunity to pursue their craft and express themselves.

Now Taryn’s success has not come without a paying a few prices along the way. She’s faced some serious health challenges, which forced her to stop and reflect on what her priorities in life were. Her honest insights around building her business and what she's learnt about burning the candle at both ends may just be the reminder you need to slow down. 

While she may be a successful and savvy businesswoman, she’s managed to maintain a soft and humble nature about her business success, while also staying true to her vision and the change she wants to bring to the world.


Learn about:
Owning your decision to pursue your dreams
Why health is no.1 

The non-negotiables
How to decipher what your priorities are
Making conscious decisions around work and personal life 

Taryn’s advice to start ups, entrepreneurs for managing business 

And find out:

What moves Taryn?
What her definition of success is?
What she'd be doing if she wasn't in her profession?

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