Terry Virts Podcast

“Enjoy the here and now and we’ll worry about tomorrow when tomorrow comes.”

- Terry Virts

Terry Virts is an astronaut who has spent over 200 days in space at the International Space Station (ISS). While he was at NASA he had one of the most demanding jobs in the world. He is one of only four astronauts ever to pilot the NASA space shuttle, fly on the Russian Soyuz spacecraft, perform space walks and hold the role of Commander of the ISS.

In this conversation we get personal with Terry and discuss what it’s really like being an Astronaut and what the experience has taught him about himself, life and what truly matters.

Learn About
The moment in Terry’s life he first believed he could become an astronaut.
What the process to becoming an Astronaut is.
Find out if he had any reservations or thoughts that his dream wouldn’t happen.
How Terry feels when he is up in space
Whether living in space has changed his perspective of life.
Has the experience opened him up to what’s actually possible here on earth.
What Terry has learnt about himself through the experience.
What working at NASA and being an Astronaut entails other than going into space.

Don’t miss our Signature questions!
What moves Terry?
What super-power he’d like to have and why?
What he believes is his greatest asset?
What the greatest piece of wisdom Terry’s been given.

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