Wes Carr, Australian Singer-Songwriter

 “You’ve got to trick yourself to remove yourself from what’s troubling you or what’s on your mind. Remove yourself, write it down on a piece of paper and get it out.
Or speak of it in the third person, but don’t try to own it.”
- Wes Carr, The Monica Kade podcast 

Wes Carr is an Australian Singer-Songwriter who has won many awards. At 15, he was awarded a Scholarship at The McDonald College performing arts school in Sydney. At this time Wes started playing local gigs around the Sydney folk scene which gave him the opportunity to work with Australian music icons including Paul Mac, Missy Higgins, Don Walker and Andrew Farris from INXS.

Then, in 2005 Wes collaborated with Ben Gillies from the very well-known Australian rock band ‘Silverchair.’ Together they formed a band called ‘Tambalane.’ They gained critical acclaim, extensive radio play across Australia and toured nationally twice.

He won Australian Idol in 2008 and won the Best Male Artist Award at the International Acoustic Music Awards in 2013. Plus many more, which you can read about here.

As a kid Wes tells me he was a big liar and convinced his friends he was Michael Jackson’s guitarist, but today he’s an honest man for  “the deeper you go the more honest you are”.

Wes’ music will touch your soul and if you’ve seen him in concert you will too know that music is his thing; his way of expressing who he is into this world. 

Our conversation is a beautiful reminder that we each have something to give to this world, we all have ideas and there will be challenging moments as we pursue our greatest loves, but as Wes puts it, “Ideas want to be born, it’s your job to birth them.”

As the saying goes, nothing comes to fruition without a little blood, sweat and tears. We must remember to not take it all so personally and this quote sums it up very matter of fact. 

“That’s the problem with the world I think, everybody is locked in their own bullshit and in their own prisons because somewhere along the line they didn’t feel worthy.”

So realize that you have the power to set yourself free and you have the power to create a life that you really do love.

Wes and I have a chat about FAME, MUSIC and CREATING YOUR OWN INDUSTRY

Learn about:
How his music career began
The illusion of fame
Creativity and Ideas
Intuition being “King”
Getting through darker days

And find out:
What moves Wes
What he believes is his greatest asset
What scares him
The greatest piece of advice he’s been given