Wired for Wonder Series: Sarah Roocroft

“We all love a bit of inspiration. That feeling of, Woah! Okay.
I feel like that was a jolt to my brain; to my senses to do something differently, to dream; to dare. If you’re looking for that, I’m pretty sure we can give that to you!”

- Sarah Roocroft

We’re chatting with the woman who is the driving force behind Wired for Wonder; Sarah Roocroft. Sarah is co-founder of Wired for Wonder; a proud innovation by Commbank.

This is an eye opening event dreamed up to create a space for innovative thinking. The event brings together storytellers, inventors, dreamers, artists, musicians, technologists, writers and scientists – to learn, connect and explore the concept of wonder.

She also owns a baby shoe company called Sienna baby.

Sarah is wired to connect; obsessed with innovation and curious about all things, the weirder the better and she’s also a mother of two.

A short conversation with the co-founder of Wired for Wonder, Sarah Roocroft.

We go behind the scenes and find out how the event was born. This soundbite also opens up the doors to Sarah’s life as she shows us how she fosters creativity and curiosity in her life.

“It’s about pushing yourself (comfortably) outside your comfort zone and expanding your frame of reference so you can get curious about other people and around the way they do things,” Sarah said.

I couldn’t agree more.

The Wired for Wonder event is unlike anything else you’ve ever been to. It’s a step into the unknown; into a place where all your senses will awaken. It’s a place of fun and connection - and it’s for you if you’re willing to do more than just exist.

If you’re eager to learn, explore and challenge your own ways of living, thinking and being in the world, then this is an event not to be missed.

As Professor Richard Dawkins, said on the stage in 2013 at Wired for Wonder, “Shake off the anaesthetic of familiarity.”

“We have an incredible line-up, which will engage your heart and mind and leave you with a sense of wonder.”

And if that’s not enough to convince you, come for the smiles; the smiles are incredibly contagious!

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