Wednesday, 13th September 2017

Today we’re chatting to co-founders of Cahlia.com, Angela Egan and Nikki Jenkinson who bring together years of senior HR experience and entrepreneurship to help organisations and individuals find success in the workplace.

Through their personal and professional experiences, they’ve identified a significant problem in the market: an inability to source quality talent quickly in a rapidly changing economy.

From this, Cahlia was born. Cahlia is an industry-leading online marketplace that quickly connects highly-skilled and vetted female professionals seeking flexible, meaningful work with companies in need of specialised talent.

Friday, 1st September 2017

"In the privilege of sitting behind a closed door and having someone be so beautifully vulnerable and tell me their deepest darkest secrets about their pain, I've learned there is not one of us that doesn't suffer. I think knowing that is a far less isolating experience."

- Rebecca Ray, The Monica Kade podcast

Rebecca Ray, is a Writer, Speaker and Clinical Psychologist. And what you may not know is that she also trained to become a commercial pilot. 

Thursday, 31st August 2017

Daily Insight #3

Sustainability is longevity.
Sustainability shows careful consideration, purpose and intention has gone into pursuing or taking action.

Without sustainability, you will falter. You will thrive for a while sure. Until the moment arrives whereby your body will become run down, tired and creative thought will dwindle. You may try to push forward. You may attempt to muster up all you've got and put your foot flat on the pedal - but once you've exhausted the gas, you'll realise you've burnt out.

Wednesday, 30th August 2017

Daily Insight #2

Many of us are carrying loads that we don't have to. Many have baggage that doesn't belong to them. And what's worse is many of us don't listen to the signs and the niggling feeling that says, 'I don't want to do this anymore'. Instead, we think the 'struggle' is part of what we signed up for. The struggle is not. The challenges, well that's something different. Challenges will always be there. But the struggle, that's something we choose.

Wednesday, 30th August 2017

Daily Insight #1

Sometimes the most profound insights can come from our nearest and dearest. And they often come at the most unexpected moments. They dance on in when our hearts are open and we are ready to receive the message.

Monday, 28th August 2017

Today we’re chatting with Holly Shoebridge; a self taught photographer and visual creator based on Sydney's Northern Beaches, who draws her greatest inspiration from Mother Nature, the ocean, solitude and love.
You can also find her on Instagram under @HollyTreePhoto.

Not only does Holly share some amazing ocean photography, she also includes heart-warming and inspiring captions that provide food for thought and can lift you up when you’re having an off day.

Saturday, 26th August 2017

Day 100 of 100

WOW! This is it. This is the final day in the Tiny Leaps Series (goosebumps). Thank you very much for joining me on this adventure. Thank you for sharing the journey.

This final episode offers insight around the idea of PASSION and MAD LOVE.

I know I've witnessed many social media posts and people saying, 'Follow your passion and it will lead you to your purpose', and I'd like to add a few notions to ponder on around this concept.

So what's the difference?

Friday, 25th August 2017

Day 99 of 100 

You can either be halfway up the mountain or you can be half way down.
It really depends on how you look at it.
And how YOU choose to perceive it will determine whether you’re a half empty or glass half full kinda person.

Perception, if we’re not careful can cause us to become tangled in a monotonous mental spiral (if we allow it).

Thursday, 24th August 2017

Day 98 of 100

Wow! Only a couple days until the end of the Tiny Leaps Series. That's pretty crazy - at least for me. 

Today's insight was really to bring awareness to how much time we spend looking back. Have you observed how much time we spend in our head trying to work out why things have happened as they have? Or how and why some circumstances have unfolded as they did, and did we have a role to play in them? Was it our fault? Could we have done something? Should we say something.

Wednesday, 23rd August 2017

Day 97 of 100

“Whatever comes, let it come. Whatever goes, let it go”

This quote was just hanging around in my mind as I experienced certain emotions today.

Everything changes. Nothing remains the same. Everything is transient.

If we can allow for things to come and go our life can be filled with a lot of love - and a type of love that is free from need and attachment.